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Also known as: 
February 1st or 2nd
Imbolc is the half way point between winter and spring. It’s a great time to recognize how far you have come and how you have survived a rough winter. With the sun increasing since winter solstice, this is the time to start feeling the stirring of the earth once again. Unlike Yule, where you are supposed to spend it with loved ones and party (though the last subscription box was created for a quarantined Yule), Imbolc is almost all internal work. Imbolc is associated with the Irish Goddess Brigid who is all about new beginnings and fertility. She is the goddess of creativity, physicians, midwives, makers and smiths, fires, babies, and birthing. This is the lambing time, literally when baby lambs are starting to be born hence why they are a symbol of this time. This is a perfect time to start planning out future gardens and bless some seeds. Don’t have a green thumb? That’s alright. Not all witches do. What about yourself would you like to grow and nurture this year? Is there a new hobby you want to try? Perhaps start a business? An idea for a new art piece? Take this time to set up a plan over the year to get this done, like a business plan. Set yourself benchmarks so you can measure your progress. 
White, gold, pastels getting ready for spring 
Anything that’s comforting to you. Hearty winter meals, stews, meat and potatoes, breads, cheeses, milk, honey
Brigid’s Cross, candles, wheel symbols, lambs, dishes of snow, evergreens 
Brigid’s Cross
Traditionally a Brigid’s Cross is woven straw or rushes symbolizing the Sun and used as talismans to bring fertility, prosperity and protection to the home.  They would be created at around this time and hung on the door, near the hearth, under the eaves or in the barn to bring luck and protection.


Imbolc Ritual

What you need:

White candle

Cold Moon Imbolc Potion 

Imbolc herbs

Piece of paper


Lighter or matches

Imbolc is a holiday all about new beginnings. It is a reminder that we are halfway through winter and the dark times will give way to spring so it’s time to plant those seeds! 

On the piece of paper, write out what you want for the next year. Are you wanting to end something to make way for something new? Are you wanting to focus on a new project? Is it time to start working towards that dream job? Is it time to get out of those toxic relationships? I recommend only picking one so it’s easier to focus on but if you want to write multiple ones that’s up to you. 

Now what you do with your paper is up to you. You can burn the paper and mix the ashes with the Imbolc herbs or you can dress the candle with the Imbolc potion and herbs and then wrap the paper around it, or place your paper flat on your altar and put your dressed candle on it. There’s a couple of ways of thinking about this. Burning the petition can release it to the universe or some think if you burn it you destroy it. I am a big fan of burning it personally. To me, it’s literally putting a fire under whatever it is I want to accomplish, plus I love mixing it with the herbs. It makes it feel even more connected. It is all about your intention. Follow your witchy gut and decide what is best for you. 

Dress your candle. As you do so, visualize what you wrote on the paper coming to fruition. Imagine all of the steps it will take to complete it and how you will feel when you do. When you are ready, light your candle. Close your eyes visualizing your petition. Say:

On this Imbolc, a time of many blessings, 

Please help me plant these seeds

To create new beginnings

As the wheel turns and winter ends

Help me and my dreams grow 

Exactly how I intend. 

Repeat as you feel needed. I feel like chanting the spell helps to raise the energy. Let your candle burn. During this time start making plans. If you want you can have a piece of paper around to write your ideas down. The chime candles last about an hour and a half so there’s no rush. I do recommend if you write down a physical plan, wave it in the smoke from your candle to charge it and hang it up on the wall where you can see it regularly. 

After your candle is done collect the wax, herbs, and dust. There are a couple of things you can do with it. Plant it along with some seeds you start so you be reminded to nurture them together and they are grow together. Place it in a jar and create a self love witch bottle or honey jar or shape the wax into a little poppet to give extra love to. If you did the spell to get rid of and end something, flush it down the toilet as the ultimate way to be done with something (depending on your sewer system of course) or throw it away. 


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