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Spring Equinox 

Also known as: 
Ostara, Vernal Equinox
Varies, but is usually around March 20-23 (This year it’s the 20th)
What is: 
This is the first day of spring! At this time the light from the sun and the dark of night are equal and after this the sun will start to take over more and more ensuring rebirth the rebirth of nature. Spring cleaning should happen around this time. Pick a day where it is warm enough to open all your windows and doors (pets and children depending) to air out. It’s time to move out that stagnant energy of winter and get that energy flowing again. Mythology wise this is the time of Persephone emerging from the underworld during the winter and being again with her mother creating spring. This is big maiden energy time. The holiday is named after the German goddess Ostara or Eostre. She was the goddess of the spring and the dawn, sex and fertility. There is also Ishtar, an Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex that many claim the name “Easter” comes from. One way or another there is some badass, sexually independent goddess energy rampant around this time. 
pastels, pinks, light greens, lavender, gold, robin egg blue
Aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz 
Sandalwood, jasmine
Eggs, spring greens, edible flowers, honey cake 
Eggs, Bunnies, Spring flowers (daffodils, crocuses, tulips, lilies), butterflies, lambs, robins, chicks, buddies of twigs, baskets, spring water, spring flowers. 


Ostara Ritual

What you will need for your ritual:
Ostara candle
Divination set 
Divination spread 
Before you start this ritual, do some spring cleaning. This is the perfect time of year to do so. If it is a lovely day, open the windows and doors if you can to let some clean air in. Sprinkle the sweeping herbs around your house or just over your altar in a counterclockwise direction (widdershins). Picture all of the things that happened last year, positive and negative. For the negative, acknowledge the things you learned from them, if any, but it’s time to move on. As you sprinkle the herbs say:
Time for new beginnings
As I cleanse my home and heart
Old energies are released
My many thanks but depart. 
As you sweep up the herbs, in a clockwise manner (desoil) say:
Time for new beginnings
Cleansed now are my home and heart
New energies are welcome
With new wisdom to impart.
If you are sprinkling the herbs around your house I recommend using a big broom or vacuum. Your little broom will take forever and I don’t know if it could take it. Save it for your altar. Also a quick note on the circles. Traditionally circles in magic are drawn for protection during spell working. To release or banish something it is drawn counterclockwise (widdershins). To draw in or attract the circle is drawn clockwise (desoil). 
Now that your space or altar (or both) are now cleansed, get into a comfy position. Light your candle. For those that got the Mabon box, you can put the moonstone to the left of the candle and the sunstone to the right of the candle again if you would like. 
Light and dark
balanced together. 
Bring me creativity and abundance 
on this spring day.
A home cleaned and energy cleansed,
Now I allow myself the same. 
(Brush yourself off with your broom, start with your head and or down to your feet. You don’t need to scrub yourself clean. Just let the broom gently glide over you.)
As the flowers blooms, so do I. 
Help me to stay focused on my goals
And help me to achieve success
As the sun gathers strength, so do I.
So mote it be. 
Grab yourself your favorite divination set. This does not necessarily need to be tarot cards. Whatever you use. You are going to do three pulls. 
3rd pull- The Bloom
What should you focus on blossoming during this time. 
2nd pull- The Stem
What do you already have in place to help you grow during this time.  
1st pull- The Roots
What you should let go of during this time to make way for new growth.


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