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How to begin spirit work

How to begin spirit work

Spiritwork might seem scary but it’s just like every other type of witchcraft. Especially in this time of being at home more than normal,  I have noticed that my friendly local spirits have been trying to get some extra attention. That is why I have created some spirit communication products. They help you to open yourself and the space around you to communicate with the unforeseen. Make sure you are comfy, get yourself some Spirit Tea, anoint yourself and your tools with some Spirit Oil, and light the Spirit Candle

Here are some basics to start communicating with some of the unseen forces around you. 

1) Meditate. Call out to the spirts around you, close your eyes, and meditate to see if they show you anything. 

2) Use a pendulum. This is one of the easiest ways to communicate with the spirits in my opinion. I have used this method for years. You can buy pendulums from almost any witch/metaphysical shop but you can also use A necklace to start or even a needle and thread. Ask the spirits yes or no questions. The pendulum will swing clockwise for yes and counterclockwise for no. 

3) Start a death altar. This could be as easy as a shelf with your late grandmother’s picture or a dedicated space filled with herbs, bones, and other memorabilia. This is a great place to leave offerings to the spirits. If you don’t know what your particular spirit likes leave a little candy. Everyone likes candy but the spirits really seem to like the sweets. This will go a long will to building a relationship with the spirits. 

Much like doing any kind of witchcraft you should make sure to use protection. When you start, say something along the lines of, “I call upon the good spirits around me to make themselves known. I will not speak to any with any ill intent.” When you are done, make sure to say goodbye and to tell the spirits that you are done. Hop in the show and cleanse yourself to make sure you don’t have any attachments. 



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